Who we are

We have come a long way. We started developing in .NET in 2001, with the first version of .NET. Followed the technology since. We embraced WPF (We love XAML!), Silverlight, Windows Phone. The future is cross platform, so we added Xamarin in our toolbox.

We are passionate and participate in the .NET developer community. We are recognized as Windows Platform Development MVP from Microsoft for our contribution to the ecosystem.


What we dig

Universal Windows Platform (UWP)

Universal Windows Platform is our first love! We started developing on Windows Phone since the first version in 2011.

We followed the technology as it went to tablet, desktop and Xbox.

Due to our Microsoft MVP award, we have contact with the product team in Microsoft headquarters in Redmond


VR/AR is becoming big. As we love technology, we are following it since a long time.

We are one of the first company in Belgium to have Hololens. We are proudly part of Wave 1 of Hololens.

We can either develop applications in UWP or with Unity 3D, depending on the project


Yes, Windows is our first love. But we love mobile in all its diversity!

Xamarin helps us to use or mastery of .NET for Android and iOS development.

It allows us to use maximum code sharing between platforms. Who likes to reapeat himself ? We sure don’t!

Internet of Things

IoT. three letters that will (is) changing the world!

We use our expertise of UWP to develop software for the Windows IoT platform.

We also develop on Arduino, which is the platform we started IoT development with

Our services


We are senior developer, with 15+ years of experience in .NET. It is our passion, we are actively and closely following the evolution of framework, patterns and best practices in our field.


A well build house must start with good foundations. That is where we can help with our years of experience as .NET Architects. We can help selecting and implementing the most appropriate patterns and practices

Project management

In a world where things change fast, we embraced the Scrum method for project management to have the agility to adapt to moving goals. We are certified scrum masters, and worked as such on several projects.

Our technologies

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